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MK Web Design starting in 1997 building customized websites. As time grew, our company grew to Mobile App Development and customized database application development. One of our first clients, wanted an equipment tracking solution where they could access the system from any device, and anywhere around the world, as they were a global company. After completing the project for them, several other clients wanted this solution and created a demand. We currently have built online asset tracking systems from private and public sector, including in the fields of Law Enforcement, HVAC, Construction, and much more. Online Asset Tracking / MK Web Design is based out of the Tampa Bay area in sunny Florida, but serves customers worldwide.

Meeting Online Asset Tracking

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build customized solutions for each individual person and company, at a fraction of the cost of big time developers.

We frequently have customers request features and a majority of the time, implement these features, with custom code, at a very small cost. Most developers have a one program fits all approach, which reduces the features and customizations available for companies, where are each unique to their requirements.

Online Asset Tracking Features


The Online Asset Tracking system is viewable on all devices including PC, Laptops, Tablets, and all Mobile Devices.


Automated user notifications via email of expired calibrated or certified assets.


Secure login system for administrators, end users, with user and equipment management system.


Customizations based on your business and type of assets being tracked. No matter what type of equipment you track, this system can be customized for you.


Logs of every detail are kept including user logins, registrations, check in / check out events, record modifications, and much more.


The software is loaded with advanced search features including search by any column, users, types, categories, and much more.


Power grid feature enables the end user to add, edit, or delete records in a grid fashing, like using s Spreadsheet. This makes editing multiple items quick and easy


Online Asset Tracking allows users to check out equipment which tells everyone they have the equipment. When done, the user can Check In the equipment allowing other users to Check Out the equipment.

Online Working Demo

We know you want to test drive our Online Asset Tracking System. We have a full working demo for you to tinker with, which includes user and admin functions. You can even add your own data, users, and test the hell out of it. If fact, you can have your entire team kick the tires (Up to 10 people at once). We know once you try it, you will love it and buy it.

Image Gallery

Check out some of the features, images, and screen captures of the Online Asset Tracking software in action. Click on the thumbnails to view the larger high quality images.

Online Asset Tracking Pricing


$300per year
  • 250 Assets
  • 25 Users
  • 1 GB Cloud Storage


$500per year
  • 500 Assets
  • 50 Users
  • 5 GB cloud Storage


$1,000per year
  • 1000 Assets
  • 150 Users
  • 10 GB Cloud Storage


$2,000per year
  • Unlimited Assets
  • 300 Users
  • 20 GB cloud Storage


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